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Reredos which was removed from St. John's Church, London Road prior to its demolition in 1972. 

Centre Resurrection;  Left - St. George, St. Joan of Arc, St. Nicholas; Right St. John the Baptist, St. Mary Magdalene, St Wilfrid (wrongly shown with the shield of St. William of York)

Above is a pinnacle and tryptych of the Lord in Glory


reredos4.JPG (334932 bytes)

reredos2.JPG (355299 bytes)reredos3.JPG (392029 bytes)


Statue of Christ Ascendant
by sculptor
Uli Nimptsch(1897-1977) Commissioned in 1964 and donated by Miss Helen Dey (previously Matron of St. Bartholomew's Hospital 1927-1949).
The statue originally hung above the altar on the east wall, was moved to the west wall of the South Transept in 1977 and now permanently located high on the west wall of the church.

Shields (shown right and below) hanging on the west wall of the church above the door connecting to the porch


shield_canterbury24a.jpg (110599 bytes)

Arms of Charles Manners Sutton who was Archbishop of Canterbury 1805-28 and who attended Dedication of original St. John's Chapel of Ease in 1822. The shield was made for the dedication.

shield_canterbury18a.jpg (83085 bytes)

shield_chichester20a.jpg (84668 bytes)

Arch Diocese of Canterbury

Diocese of Chichester

shield_becket21a.jpg (71805 bytes)

shield_john17a.jpg (67208 bytes)

shield_marymag16a.jpg (75771 bytes)

St. Thomas A'Becket

St. John

St. Mary Magdalene

St. Wilfrid*

shield_wilfrid23a.jpg (58701 bytes)

St. William of York*

The attributed arms of St. Wilfrid as used in the original shield hung in St. John's Church (lowest shield) and also as depicted in the Reredos from St.John's are actually the attributed arms for St. William of York (see our heraldry page) Mr John Hawkins has very kindly constructed and donated to the church the shield shown above for St. Wilfrid with the correct representation of three gold estoiles on a blue background.