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L’Arche Request for Ordinands Accomodation

The Following has been received from the L’Arche Community
L’Arch Request for Ordinands Accomodation
Rev Andrew Edmunds Head of HR, Housing and Administration L’Arche
Bognor Regis

Twice a year Ripon College Cuddesdon send two ordinands to L’Arche Bognor
Regis on placement. This year we have two coming from 13th – 17th January
and then another two from the 20th – 24th April. In the past we have provided
them with accommodation in a rented house on Aldwick Road. We have let
this property go though because it was not suitable and we couldn’t justify the
cost of for the use it had. Instead, I think it would be are better to place the
students in local homes if we can.

We cannot do this without some help, and I wondered whether there might be
people within the parish church that would like to offer hospitality to our
guests. We have a male and a female and both are training for priesthood in
the Anglican Church, so to give them an experience that connected L’Arche
and the Church would be wonderful. They should also make great house
If you help please let us know