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Ex Pupils named on W.W.1 Memorial in St. Wilfrid’s Church

Holyrood School was a purpose designed new building constructed in the 1880s in Victoria Drive opposite playing fields where St. Wilfrid's church was later constructed in1910. The school also had a Royal Naval Academy attended by cartographer and artist MacDonald Gill, brother of the famous artist, typeface designer, sculptor and  monumental stone mason Eric Gill - see the reference to the memorial for JAMES ALLEN FREEBORN HOWELL , a former pupil at the Royal Naval Academy, who lost his life 5 November 1904  when the ship “Brier Holme on which he was apprenticed, went down off Tasmania. The tablet was erected by his schoolfellows in July 1905 and designed by the Gill brothers.

The stall in St. Wilfrid's Lady Chapel records the Old Boys of Holyrood School for lost their lives in the First World War

  Abbreviations of reference works cited
AD Airmen Died in the Great War 1914 -1918 
AL Army List
Aust Australian Roll of Honour
BLG Burke's Landed Gentry
BLGI Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force Roll of Honour 
Cemreg CWGC Cemetery Registers of WW1 burials in UK and Ireland
CS Cross of Sacrifice
MR CWGC Memorial Register
NL Navy List
NZ New Zealand Roll of Honour
OD Officers Died in the Great War 1914 -1919
OTC OTC Roll of members commissioned, August 1914 - March 1915
RAF RFC and RAF Roll of Honour
RR Ruvigny's Roll of Honour
SA South African Roll of Honour
SD Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914 -1919
 TH CWGC Register of the Mercantile Marine Memorial, Tower Hill
WW Who was Who

Note: there are no Christian names recorded on the memorial inscriptions and this means that in some cases (e.g. the first) the name is uncertain and, pending further research, there is more than one possibility. If you can help in any way with these cases or have further information of interest on Holyrood School or the past pupils, please contact

Bailey, G.H.

Three entries for G.H. Bailey in OD:
George Haddon Bailey, 2/Lt MGC. d of w, 6 Apr 1917.
CS Vol. I, p. 13. OD.181

Gerald Hinton Bailey, 2/Lt 13 Bn, DLI. d of w, 20 Oct 1915.
CS Vol. I p. 13. OD.160

Guy Horsman Bailey, MC, Lt (A/Maj), RA. k in a, 28 Feb 1917
CS Vol. I, p. 14. OD.24

Also, 8 entries for G.H. Bailey in SD

Bostock, L.S.

Lionel Southey Bostock 107094 2/Cpl 3 Div Sig. Company, Can. Eng.
k in a, 20 Sep 1916 Aged 28
Buried, Albert Communal Cemetery Extension, Albert, France CEF p. 71
(See RR, Vol. II, p. 34; WW re Hon. Hewitt Bostock and Col. John Southey Bostock;
1881 Census re Edward I. Bostock and wife Sarah Southey Bostock)

Bryan, C.C.

Cecil Clive Bryan, D.S.O. Major, R.E. k in a, 11 Aug 1917
Buried, Reninghelst New Military Cemetery, Belgium
Shown in Army List of 1914 as Lt, seniority from 12 Oct 1910,
with 2nd Home Counties Field Co, R.E., at University School, Hastings,
Cadet Company, since 2 Aug 1907. CS, Vol. I, p. 32. OD p. 209

Chaput, J.

Joseph Donat Chaput Lt. 4 Sta. Hospital, CAMC
Died of phthisis, 19 Mar 1920. Aged 29.
Buried, Montreal (Notre Dame des Neiges) Cemetery, Quebec
CEF p. 127. CS, Vol. III, p. 20.
(See WW re Rev. Rolland Chaput of Montreal)

Cutbush, D.

Douglas Cutbush, M.C. 2/Lt, A/Capt 5th Bn, (att. 4 Bn) Middlesex Regt.
k in a, 10 Apr 1917. Buried, Level Crossing Cemetery, Fampoux, France
CS, Vol. I, p. 67. OD p. 146

Dunlop, B.J.

Brian John Dunlop 2/Lt, 3rd Bn, Grenadier Guards. k in a, 31 Oct 1917
Buried, Bleuet Farm Cemetery, Elverdinghe, Belgium
CS, Vol. I, p. 83. OD p. 49

Gabbett, E.P.

Edmond Poole Gabbett, Lt. Cdr. RN. H.M.S. Cressy
Born 30 Aug 1884. k in a, 22 Sep 1914. Ship in submarine action, North Sea.
No known grave. On Chatham Naval Memorial.
Separate memorial in St. Wilfrid’s Church, erected by his wife Alicia.
Shown in 1914 Navy List as Lt. Cdr. with seniority from 14 Feb 1914, serving
on HMS Cressy from 1 Aug 1914, and qualified for navigational duties.
Elder son of Edmund R. Gabbett and Annie E. M. Gabbett
BLGI, 1899 p. 159. CS Vol. II, p.22. MR 1, p. 44.

Hammonds, D.

Denys Huntingford Hammonds, DSO, MC, Capt (A/Maj), 225 Field Coy, RE
k in a, 30 Mar 1918. No known grave. On Pozières Memorial, France
Shown in 1914 Army List as 2nd Lt, with seniority from 8 Jan 1910,
and a supplementary officer on the Special Reserve.
CS, Vol. I, p. 128. OD p. 45
(See WW re Rev Edwin Hammonds, former Principal of Bp. Otter College
and Preb. of Chichester Cathedral. A connection ?)

Hayley, C.W.

Cyril William Seafort Burrell Hayley, Capt 10th Bn, HLI d of w, 18 Sep 1915.
Buried in Choques Military Cemetery, France
Shown in 1914 Army List as Lt, seniority from 17 Dec 1913, with 1st Bn, HLI.
CS, Vol. I, p. 135. OD p. 163

Hook, V.

One entry in OD:
Valentine Hook, m.i.d., Captain, 7th Bn, Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment.
k in a, 3 May 1917
Buried, Heninel Communal Cemetery Extension, France
CS Vol. I, p. 147. OD p. 56. OTC

One entry in SD:
Victor Hook, G/3188 L/Cpl, 7th Bn, Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment.
k in a, 1 Jul 1916. (Burial not traced)
Born at Sandhurst, Berks. Enl. Camberley, Surrey. Res. Crowthorne, Berks.
SD Vol. 7, p. 53

Mathews, J.L.

John Laurence Mathews, Lt. 3rd Bn, Royal Sussex Regt, att RE Div. Sigs.
Died 28 Dec 1917
Buried, Aire Communal Cemetery, France
Name appears on WW1 memorial in Bognor Hospital
CS Vol. I, p. 203. OD p. 264

Morgan, E.C.

Edward Charles Morgan, 2/Lt, 5th Bn, R Berks Regt. k in a, 18 Dec 1915
CS Vol. 1, p. 220. OD p. 139
(confirmed by Andrew Radgick, Bracknell Forest Society, History Rep. on 18/10/11 that Edward Charles is listed as attending the school in the 1911 Census).

This supersedes previous research:

Two entries for E.C. Morgan in OD:
Edward Charles Morgan, 2/Lt, 5th Bn, R Berks Regt. k in a, 18 Dec 1915
CS Vol. 1, p. 220. OD p. 139

Edward Compton Morgan MC, T/Capt(A/Maj) RFA d of w, 29 Sep 1917
CS Vol. I, p. 220. OD p. 33

One entry in SD:
Ernest Charles Morgan, 49651 Pte, 1/5 Bn, Welsh Regt.
k in a, 3 Nov 1917, Egypt. SD Vol. 45, p. 26

Ovington, C.L.

Not yet traced.
Does not appear in AD, AL, Aust, BLG, BLGI, CEF, Cemreg, CS, MR, NL, NZ,
(Was he an American ? Reference found to surname being in Burke’s Distinguished
Families of America)

Prynne, N. Fellowes

Norman Fellowes Prynne, 2/Lt, 10th Bn, Devonshire Regt.
k in a, 24-25 Apr 1917
No known grave. On Dorian Memorial, Greece.
CS, Vol. I, p. 254. OD p. 77
(See WW re Rev. George Rundle Prynne, and JMH article on
George H. Fellowes Prynne, the architect who designed St. Wilfrid’s Church)

Raymond, B.S.

No entries with both initials in OD or SD.
Two entries in SD:
Basil Raymond, A/Cpl, 9th Bn, Rifle Brigade. k in a, 29 Jul 1915
Born Watlington, Oxon. Enlisted London. SD Vol. 74 p. 80

Bertie Raymond, Rfn, 8th Bn, Rifle Brigade. k in a, 30 Jul 1915
Born Watlington, Oxon. Enlisted Worthing. SD Vol. 74 p. 70

Schreiber, V.G.

Vivian George Edward Schreiber, Midshipman, RN. H.M.S. Monmouth
Born 21 Feb 1899. k in a, 1 Nov 1914 at the Battle of Coronel.
No known grave. On Plymouth Naval Memorial.
Shown in 1914 Navy List as naval cadet on HMS Monmouth from Aug 1914.
Named in Burke’s Landed Gentry, 1969, as Vivian George Spencer Schreiber.
Only son of Julian M. Schreiber and Hilda R. née Abinger.
Cousin of William Eric Schreiber (see next)
BLG 1969, p. 621. CS Vol. II, p. 51. MR 2, p. 46.

Schreiber, W.E.

William Eric Brymer Schreiber, Lt, 1st DAC, CFA, CASC
Born 12 Jun 1884. d of w, 4 May 1915.
Buried, Proven Churchyard, Belgium.
Name appears on WW1 memorial in Bognor Hospital
2nd son of Frederick Ernest L. Schreiber and Mary E. née Godfrey.
Cousin of Vivian George Schreiber (see above)
BLG 1969, p. 621. CEF, p. 669. CS, Vol. III, p. 106.
(See WW re Maj. Gen Brymer Schreiber)

Squire, E.W.

Edward Warwick Squire, 2172 Pte, 13th Bn, London Regt. k in a, 12 Mar 1915.
Enlisted, Kensington. Residence, Regent’s Park. SD Vol. 76, p. 130
Son of Mrs M. L. Squire of 64a High Street, St. John's Wood, London, and the late Dr J. Edward Squire, C.B.     Aged 19

Stocker, St. J.

St. John Crichton Stocker, T/Capt 2nd Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment.
k in a, 12 Mar 1915
No known grave. On Le Touret Memorial, France.
Shown in 1914 Army List as Lt, seniority from 5 Jan 1912, serving with
2nd Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment. CS, Vol. I, p. 299. OD p. 138

Watson, F.G.

One entry in OD:
Francis George Stuart, 2/Lt (A/Capt), 2nd Bn, Lancs Fus. k in a 23 Oct 1916
CS Vol. I, p. 330. OD p. 94

Two entries in SD:
Frederick George, Pte 2nd Bn R. Sussex Regt. d of w, BEF 8 Jul 1917
SD Vol. 20 p. 17

Frederick George, Spr, Railways, Royal Engineers. d, Home, 30 Jun 1918
Previously served in Leicestershire Regt. SD Vol. 4, p. 208. Cemreg 14. 34

Watson, J.I.

John Irvine Watson, 201555 Pte, 4/5th (Angus and Dundee) Bn, Black Watch
k in a, 28 Jul 1918. Born and enlisted in Edinburgh.
SD Vol. 46, p. 39

Westmacott, E.W.

Eric W.P. Westmacott Lt. RN. H.M.S. Arethusa.
k in a, 28 Aug 1914 in Battle of Heligoland Bight
Buried, Heybridge Cemetery, Maldon, Essex.
Shown in 1914 Navy List as Lt, seniority from 30 Jun 1909, serving on
HMS Amethyst since 1 Oct 1913, and qualified in signalling duties.
Younger son of Edgell E. Westmacott and Mary C.I., née Gunn-Munro,
of Udney Place, Teddington. Brother of Richard (see next)
Cemreg 16.43. CS Vol. II, p. 62.

Westmacott, R.I.

Richard Innes Edgell, 9621 Sgt, 1st Bn, Scots Guards
Born at Teddington, 8 Dec 1885.
k in a, 25 Jan 1915 at Cuinchy, near La Bassée, France.
Elder son of Edgell E. Westmacott and Mary C.I., née Gunn-Munro,
of Udney Place, Teddington. Brother of Eric (see above)
Enlisted London. Residence Richmond, Surrey.
RR, Vol. II, p. 310. SD Vol. 5, p. 109

Wolstenholme, J.B.W.

James Benjamin Wallace Wolstenholme Lt. 47 Training Depot Stn., RAF. (Previously served in 28th London Regiment)
Killed whilst flying in Avro 504, 20 Aug 1918, age 24.
Buried, Willesden New Cemetery, Middlesex.
Son of James and Mary Elizabeth Wolstenholme,
of 127, Melrose Avenue, Cricklewood, London.
AD, p. 205. Cemreg 45.65. CS Vol. II, p. 127. RAF, p. 167

John Hawkins September 2001

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