Roger Paul Calder

At Bognor – 1995 – 2004

Birth – 1953

Marriage – Carolyn

Family Details -Aidan, Charlotte and Emma

Academic Details -Harfield College Durham, BA 1975
Chichester Theological College 1976

Ecclesiastical Details -Deacon 1979
Priest 1980
Curate of Addlestone Diocese of Guildford 1979-1982
Curate of Grangetown Diocese of Durham 1982 – 1984
Team Vicar Brighton Resurrection, Chichester Diocese 1984-1987
Chaplain to the Forces 1987 -1992
Priest in Charge Cocking, Bepton and West Lavington 1992 -1995
Priest in Charge Bognor 1995 – 1998, Vicar1998-2004

When Fr. Roger arrived in the Parish we were quickly impressed with his ability to lead, to inspire and to lift people up, through his sermons, his sense of humour and his care for all his parishioners.

We were delighted to welcome Carolyn, Aidan Charlotte and baby Emma. Carolyn quickly immersed herself in many organisations in the church. Organising and cooking for what were to become regular parish lunches. The starting of a Passover Meal each year in Lent at which up to 90 people would attend, became a regular event. It was a breath of fresh air to have a young family in the vicarage.

Fr Roger has given us a new and deeper understanding of our faith and beliefs, particularly through his teaching and liturgical presentation of the sung Eucharist on Sunday mornings and with the daily Celebrations.

holy_land_col.jpg (103444 bytes)

He led us on pilgrimage to the Holy Land on two occasions, to Walsingham each year and on a memorable journey north in the steps of St. Wilfrid.

Seven years ago he made his first visit to the Caister Retreat and encouraged many of us to go with him to this inspirational week. We have shared Fr Roger with the army in his capacity as a Chaplain in the TA’s and we missed him greatly when he was called up for 6 months during the Iraq War. Fr Roger with Fr Bill has brought our church schools much closer into the family of the church with their regular visits to the schools, to Governor’s meetings and through the invitation to the schools to attend services in the church.

We know everyone would wish to join us in thanking Fr. Roger for all the work he has done for God in this parish. We wish the family the very best for their future in Portsmouth and they go with our love, blessings and prayers.

Ruth Bryant & Jean Rose, Churchwardens

December 2004 Magazine

Fr Roger moved to Copnor Parish Church