Wilfrid – Oundle

Notes from Fr. Roger’s ‘The Pilgrim Manual’

Today, we make the long journey home but there is one more spot we ought to visit. During his time at Ripon, Wilfrid had established other houses associated with Ripon all over the country. One of these was at Oundle which, according to Eddius Stephanus was the place where Wilfrid died, presumably on a routine visit, in 709. He was returned to Ripon for burial. Nonetheless, this pretty little Market Town seems a good place to finish our journey, though despite a deal of excavation which has found a large amount of mid Saxon pottery and artefacts, no trace of Wilfrid’s monastery has yet been found. A prayer in the parish Church of Saint Peter for our patron would seem appropriate — and to ask God’s blessing on our journey and our discoveries.