Wilfrid – Hexham

We visited Hexham on Wednesday 13th October, 1999.

Fr. Roger’s notes in ‘The Pilgrim Manual’:

This morning we start off up Weardale and then turn onto the A68 which will take us to Hexham. This is a beautiful road and passes the former Steel Town of Consett and the Roman Town of Corbridge on the way to Hexham and its magnificent Abbey. Established as one of the minor Bishoprics in his sphere of influence, the only part of the Abbey to date from Wilfrid’s time is the crypt which is clearly made from bits and pieces of Hadrian’s Wall! This crypt (and Wilfrid’s other one at Ripon, which we will see tomorrow) quickly became places of pilgrimage and would have contained the Holy relics that Wilfrid picked up on his foreign tours. Note the lighting niches in the wall in both crypts. We will celebrate the Eucharist in Hexham Abbey at 1100. I hope someone will talk to us about the Abbey and St.Wilfrid and then we will be free to find lunch in one of the delightful tea shops or pubs tha abound in Hexham.